I hope that the information below helps further demystify the role of a personal style consultant and answers many of the questions you may have.

Why hire a personal style consultant?

There is a misconception that only celebrities hire personal style consultants (or commonly known as personal stylists) and style consultants are only interested in keeping up with the trends. That is simply not the case.
A personal style consultant can help you identify your style goals and find out what silhouettes and colors make you look your best. Additionally, as you age, change your career or re-enter the workforce after raising a family, seeking the help of a personal style consultant can help ensure that your wardrobe projects the woman you want to be.

What about the cost of personal style consultant services?

Personal style advice is priced comparable to other professional service. It might seem expensive, but consider how many pieces of clothing you have purchased and worn only a few times if ever. My objective is to ensure you use everything you buy because it makes you look and feel great. I think that you will find that services from an informed personal stylist will be well worth the expense.

Why is it important to have a color analysis?

Did you know that wearing your personal colors not only enhances your personal features but also makes you look more approachable? This is important in social and business settings. Additionally, it make shopping so much easier! After the color analysis, you will be sent a color fabric palette that fits in your handbag during your shopping excursions. The palettes are a valuable tool to help you make the right clothing and accessory purchases, and you will be amazed at the compliments you receive when you wear your best colors.

What is the difference between personal color theory and the seasons?

I conduct a personal color analysis using the Wardrobe 911 Color System. I utilize this system because it focuses on personal color theory and the palettes are customized for each client. The neutrals and colors selected for you are based on an evaluation of your skin, eye and hair colors. While the seasons theory incorporates a similar analysis, the colors selected for you are predetermined and you are given a set that many other women have. Colors are personal and unique to you, so your palette should be individually selected.

How often should you update your colors?

Our personal coloring changes approximately every 7 years so this is a good time to review or update your colors. As we age, our collagen changes, and our hair and eye color also change. If you have recently conducted a color analysis with another personal style consultant, I can review your palette and use it for personal shopping.

Why do you recommend a style consultation before a personal shopping trip?

It is important for me to get to know you and your style goals. In order for me to select the best outfits for you, I have to know about the silhouettes and colors that flatter you. I would also make sure that budgets are reviewed prior to shopping.

Do you offer gift certificates and how do we handle that?

I do offer gift certificates, and they are a wonderful way to surprise your friend, colleague, or relative. It is also a great gift from your husband or significant other! The purchaser of the gift certificate would let me know what personal stylist services he or she would like to include. The gift certificate is printed on quality paper.

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