“My new look”

I have given your name to friends. They were so impressed with my new look, they wanted your name! Once again, I got multiple compliments on my hair and one of my friends said, “I never knew you had such blue eyes!” Thanks for all you’ve done to help me!
Nancie, Consultant

“Outfit creation and personal shopping”

The trip was fabulous. The resort was incredible. The best part was that my husband said that I was the best looking and the best dressed. Your outfit creation and personal shopping sessions were accomplished. I felt very well put together.

“What a dream it was to get ready”

I can’t tell you what a dream it was to get ready today! First, I already had an outfit in my mind that I haven’t worn before, but was easy to create because I had a better idea about what I have and how to put them together. Then, when I opened my closet this morning, it was so much easier to find the specific layering piece and sweater and to decide which shoes to wear. In addition to modern, polished and creative, I’m adding “less is more” to my mantra.” Thank you!
Kerry, Urban Planner

“Build up a closet you are happy about”

I feel like I’m reaping the rewards of my time spent with you! I feel like now when I get dressed it is so much easier to create a new outfit because more pieces work together now. I also really like my colors. It definitely takes time to build up a closet that you are happy about and I feel like I make fewer purchases that I end up not wearing. I know why now!
Rebecka, Golf Professional

“Streamline and organize my closet”

Working with Maria was a great investment. I was one of those people who had a closet stuffed with clothes that I never wore, many still with price tags on them. Even worse, I always felt like I never had anything to wear! During our first consultation – I learned which clothes better suited my body type – which helped me understand why some of my “great purchases” were not so great after all. We also did colors – and now I take my color swatches with me everywhere. During the Closet Sweep phase Maria helped streamline and organize my closet – and taught me how to work with the clothes I had, arranging them into stylish outfits. Our shopping trip was very productive. We focused on adding pieces to supplement what I already had, to make my wardrobe more versatile. Maria is extremely knowledgeable and style savvy. It is easy to make an instant connection with her – she makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Even better – she is tons of fun. I wasn’t sure if I should use a personal stylist – now I am so glad I did. And so thankful I was able to work with Maria. I can’t wait for our Fall Wardrobe additions!
Debbie, Restaurant Owner

“A how-to guide so I could put myself together”

Early in my career, I was expected to wear a suit and tie. I understood “the rules” and was considered well-dressed. Somewhere along the way, fashion rules changed. I did my best to adapt to the blurring of business casual and casual casual. Eventually, my wife and daughter declared a fashion emergency and connected me with Maria. Maria helped me to purge my existing wardrobe of things that were not working for me, add to my wardrobe and she provided a “how to” guide so I could put myself together.
Tom, Supply Chain Manager

“Personal style”

It was a pleasure meeting you and getting a chance to see you work your color magic. I really appreciated your attention to detail and thoroughness, looking carefully at skin tone, eye color, hair color and personal style. Your color outfit chart and suggestions were insightful and a great help to me. You have a beautiful and generous spirit. Thank you!
Pam, Author

“Wear the right colors”

As I get closer to a “big birthday,” I realize how it is important to wear the right colors and to know my body type. Maria has helped me find clothes that best compliment my figure and color palette. Maria helped me thin out my wardrobe of clothing that is no longer flattering on me and identified “holes” in my wardrobe. Now I can shop with confidence and target what my wardrobe needs more easily.

“The right colors and style”

After meeting Maria, the money I spend on clothes is all worth it! I not only have a color palette that Maria put together, but I know what clothes look good for my body type. (My colors are warm and cool. I am inverted, my style personality is classy, polished and carefree!) I go shopping now and it is so much more refreshing. My money is now well spent on the right colors and style and I feel good in my clothes every time I put it on! Maria’s style consultation have tremendously helped me shop more efficiently!!
Anne Marie

“Shopping is more fun now”

I can’t thank Maria enough for setting me on the path to being fashionable. She did a wonderful job choosing my colors. I don’t go anywhere with out my color swatches in my purse. I get compliments when I wear certain colors, that I never would have chosen before Maria’s help. I also have a better take on my body shape and am buying more flattering pieces. It has been a great learning experience and shopping is more fun now.

“Maria’s styling consultation is professional”

Shopping is much more fun and productive now that I have my color palette! As a busy mom I spent little time thinking about what colors were best for me. Having the swatches makes all the difference. I don’t waste my time looking at clothes outside my color palette and go straight for the ones that are. Some of my colors were actually surprising. I knew my color temperature was probably warm but didn’t know the wide spectrum of colors within that. Maria’s styling consultation is professional and thorough and something every woman should treat themselves to!”
Karen, President of Galaxy Group

“What a difference in the way I look”

Wow! What a difference in the way I look after having my colors done by Maria. It was amazing during our color analysis to actually see how much the correct colors can make you look more alive and vibrant. Friends and family have commented on how good I look, and ask if I have been at a spa! When I go shopping, I make sure and carry my color swatches, which are in a small easy-to-use case. The only regret I have is not doing this sooner. Thanks Maria in helping me look my best!
Karen, Owner of KSV Concepts and marketing professional

Special Events

“Fun and easy”

This was such a great event. Maria was very knowledgeable, fun and easy to work with. Our staff learned what the best clothing to wear for their body type and their best colors. We are all so motivated to get together again and shop with Maria.
–Kellie Robertson, Risk Concepts Insurance

“Particularly revealing”

Maria has been valuable addition to the 2011 Fashion’s Night Out Team at San Francisco’s Stonestown Galleria. Maria has showcased utmost professionalism and mastery of her craft as both a personal shopper and a colorist. Maria’s color analysis consultation has been particularly revealing about color choices for a wardrobe that work best with each individual’s skin type and personality. I highly recommend Maria to anyone who is looking for a wardrobe and personal style/image makeover, she is an essential element in developing your personal image and a coordinated wardrobe.
–Stefan Skipakevich, owner/founder of Trademark Ventures/Promo Models United

“Would like to have you back again”

The cadets really enjoyed the “Dress for Success” presentation, and immediately following it, many shared with me how much they learned, how excited they were to have you both here, and how much they would like to have you back again.
–Vineeta Dhillon, Cal Maritime Director

“Everyone was very pleased”

Maria and her colleague did color consultations for four teenagers as part of my daughter’s Sweet 16 birthday party. At the consultation, they were extremely organized and demonstrated a real understanding of colors. Everyone was very pleased with the process and the results.”
–Toni, Senior Vice President, Finance

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